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I, André Brugiroux, who European newspapers have called " the Marco Polo of the modern times " am the author of a best-selling book in french, " the Earth Is but One Country ", which describes my epic journeys of discovery and adventure that took me through 135 countries and 400. 000 km over an 18 year period. Book printed now in English by Oneworld (U - K) under the title : " ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET ".
At the age of 17, I left Paris with 10 francs in my pocket to realize a childhood dream of touring the world : not as a tourist, but rather as a student of mankind. After some years in Europe where I learned five languages, and in Canada to arrange financing, I set out to re-discover the world.
As a hitchhiker on every conceivable type of transportation, living for the most part on a dollar-a-day for six years, I covered America from end to end, the Pacific Islands, The Far East, Trans-siberia, the Middle East, India, Iran and all of Africa.
I also made a FILM ( I narrate myself in English ) of this odyssey with my visit to Alaska at minus 45°, the Australian desert at plus 50°, to the head-hunters of Borneo, the bonzes in Bangkok, an ashram in India, a Kibbutz in Israel and a jail in Bolivia ( where I was mistaken for one of Che Guevarra's guerillas ) among many others.
I slowly reached the conclusion, as a result of my experiences with so many of the world's people, that, as the title of my book puts it, " the earth is but one country ". In Alaska, I encountered the Baha'i Faith, a world community dedicated to achieving the unity of the human race, and embraced its tenets. In 2004, I finally visited my last territory : the kingdom of Mustang (in the Himalayas). It took me altogether 50 years to realize my childhood dream : to see all countries and territories of the world.

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2005: travelling continues for André. Here, on top of Elbrus (highest peak in Europe) - Russia.   
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2005: Brugiroux completed his dream of seeing the whole world by watching polar bears at Churchill bay, Manitoba (Canada).
2007: André celebrates his 70th birthday on the island of Socotra (Yemen) with Tahar Slimani, author of this website, Jorge Sanchez (who classified André as the most travelled living man on earth) and Dario Gil and family (grand travellers). 
He then visited Somaliland in Africa (his country n° 250).
2008: He finally enjoyed the last forbidden kingdom: Saudi Arabia. 
2009: In Siberia, he went down the Lena river and drove along the road of bones from Yakutz to Magadan with the greatest travellers on earth.
2010: Okavango expedition in Botswana
2011: in December André visited the recently-born country of South Sudan (n° 251).
His dream is therefore totally fulfilled: to see all countries and territories of the world.

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